PharmaAccess Milestones

PharmaAccess – Milestones

Before PharmaAccess was started, the founders envisioned their brand achieving several milestones over time. As they strived to accomplish those goals, they developed a network of reliable partners and enhanced their service portfolio. This is how they uncovered new potential and achieved their goals within a short span of time – something that we take great pride in.
It was due to our team’s brilliance, hard work, experience and efforts that we grew as a company. From ensuring companies penetrate the foreign markets to exploiting the opportunities in the GCC market by giving the exposure every company need, PharmaAccess has made a mark. We have helped many companies in their regulatory affairs, relation management, sales and salesforce management, and medical management, among other healthcare business areas.

PharmaAccess’s Achievements

The major achievement that PharmaAccess boasts is its team of experienced, seasoned professionals. PharmaAccess has a team of well-trained professionals who have helped successfully establish brands in the pharmaceutical industry to meet their desired goals.
Using effective strategies, we uncover new opportunities in the pharmaceutical world and develop further as a successful brand.

OUR MILESTONES include, but are not limited to



15 Million US Dollars Sales

In 2020, PharmaAccess made 15 million US dollars from sales.


Reached 50+ Marketing Authorization

By 2020, PharmaAccess had reached more than 50 marketing authorizations.


Leading Business Solutions Brand

Within just 18 months of our launch, PharmaAccess became the leading business solutions brand in the industry. We also managed to achieve a high number rank as a generic anti-hypertensive brand.


Among the Top 3 Generic Dyslipidemia Brands

Over the span of 18 months, PharmaAccess became one of the top 3 generic dyslipidemia brands


Among the Top 10 Corporate In Pharmaceutical Market

In four years’ time, PharmaAccesss was able to position our brands from non-existing to become among the top ten corporates in our pharmaceutical defined market.


Leading Generic & Selective Anti-Inflammatory Brand

PharmaAccess also became the leading generic and selective anti-inflammatory brand in the pharmaceutical industry in only twelve months.


Among the Top 5 Brands

PharmaAccess was ranked as one of the top 5 brands in other therapy areas – from anti-infectives, Asthma to OTC medications and many more.


#1 Generic Proton Pump Inhibitor Brand

In only 9 months in the industry, PharmaAccess had become the number 1 generic proton pump inhibitor brand, surpassing the field’s originators.


5 Million US Dollars Sales

By 2015, PharmaAccess had attained 5 million US dollars.


2 Million US Dollars Sales

In 2013, PharmaAccess hit a record 2 million US dollars in sales.


Penetrating The GCC Market

PharmaAccess penetrated the GCC market and public sector with long term government contracts established in UAE 2013, Kuwait 2016, Qatar 2019, KSA 2020.


Obtaining 17 Marketing Authorizations

In 2012, PharmaAccess obtained 17 marketing authorizations.

SALES GROWTH In The Past 5 Years

Sales in Units

Sales in Value

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Get in touch with us to find out more today!

Key Highlights of 2020

PharmaAccess created a mobile application for their customers to help them abide to social distancing procedures during the pandemic while ensuring effective communication channels remain open with their customers. This mobile application has helped them maintain their strong growth in 2020 despite the inability to physically meet most of their customers.

United Arab Emirates

  • Total growth – 19% in units
  • Total Cinfa MS% growing – 4% increased to 5.1%
  • Atorvastatin growth – 54% in units
  • Olmesartan range – 24% MS in the molecule
  • Olmesartan range – 0.34  RMS from innovator
  • Ulcerbrex keep growing – at 17%
  • Coxicel 0.7 RMS of Innovator
  • 1 Million units sold in 2020

Saudi Arabia

  • 4% MS from total ED segment in less than one year with 40% market share of vardenafil molecule
  • 73 RMS of Innovator (market leader)


  • Total growth 23% in units
  • Total Cinfa MS% growing 0.6% reached 9.1%
  • Ziquin ranking number 1 in levofloxacin molecule
  • Ulcerbrex ranking number 1 rabeprazole


  • Total growth 53% in units
  • Atorcor growth 65% in units

PharmaAccess – Helping Pharmaceutical Brands Succeed!

PharmaAccess – Helping Pharmaceutical Brands Succeed!