Business Development

Business Development

With a combined experience of over 100 years, PharmaAccess handles all business development functions for pharmaceutical and healthcare clients with excellence. Our vision is to provide all physicians and patients with a variety of high-quality business solutions in the GCC market. PharmaAccess has a global network that offers a unique value proposition. We bridge the gap between high-end services and healthcare companies.
As a company specialized in providing high-end business solutions, PharmaAccess has been handling regulatory and commercial functions for healthcare companies for over a decade. We have partnered with numerous international healthcare companies, making it easier for them to compete in the Arab Gulf market.
PharmaAccess aims to help healthcare companies (pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devices) establish themselves and attain a top-performing position in the industry.

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Creating A Launch Strategy

The pharmaceutical industry focuses primarily on the KPIs surrounding the product launches. At PharmaAccess, the launch benchmarking is designed to gauge the success of the brand’s product launch.
When you partner with us, we ensure the company is provided with all the information and tools before its launch. The aim is to help clients reap the full benefits of opportunities present in the fast-growing GCC market. PharmaAccess helps businesses identify, cultivate, and bring new opportunities for the companies’ long-term business growth.
Using their product launch strategy, PharmaAccess experts create significant benefits for any company. In addition to generating revenue, we can build anticipation and market awareness for all types of pharmaceutical products.

Designing A Brand Strategy

Having the right strategy and execution plan can make a brand an overnight success in a foreign market. We help all our clients create the right brand strategy by tailoring their brand’s vision with the local market dynamics. In addition to the long term plan, we also execute the agreed upon brand strategy in our daily marketing activities.

Developing A Marketing Plan

PharmaAccess makes sure that business ideologies and goals are well-embedded within the marketing plan. While formulating a marketing plan for your pharmaceutical company, we can:

  • Identify key business goals for the GCC market
  • Identify the target audience
  • Determine expectations
  • Select campaign media
  • Determine your offer and desired audience action
  • Estimate campaign metrics
  • Recruit and train the needed salesforce

Expanding Distribution Channels

Like all businesses, pharmaceutical companies aspire to find the right distribution channels to get their products to consumers. Identifying and expanding on the right channels ensure the optimal use of resources to achieve the best possible results. Through creating a regional hub for distribution, PharmaAccess has the ability to cut costs and ensure continuous availability of the brands.
Through PharmaAccess’ vast network of distributors, we ensure our partners achieve more sales by choosing the correct channel for each marketed brand.

Calculating Marketing ROI

Pharmaceutical companies are moving towards a patient-centric care model. However, the customer base of today includes a myriad of consumer types such as doctors, hospital managers, pharmacists, and caregivers. A pharmaceutical brand needs to be mindful of all the customers who might use their product and service. PharmaAccess aims to identify these areas and conduct in-depth market research to generate higher ROI for every brand.
Marketing and business development go hand-in-hand, and when they are well-synchronized, it can propel revenue generation and boost overall company performance. Not only will this lead to brand voice being heard by the customers, but will also encourage exponential increase in brand growth, visibility, and profitability.

Choosing the best Business Model

Most businesses lack the ability to enter foreign markets as the cost of entry is usually very high. PharmaAccess ensures it chooses with its partners the best business model to reach success. Whether the model is in-licensing, co-marketing or an agency model PharmaAccess is flexible to accommodate the best solution.

PharmaAccess – Helping Pharmaceutical Brands Succeed!

PharmaAccess – Helping Pharmaceutical Brands Succeed!