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With the rapid growth of the emerging GCC markets, international pharmaceutical and biotech companies are in search of reliable business partners with high-end marketing solutions.
PharmaAccess specializes in promoting global pharmaceutical brands, seeking to enter the fast-growing GCC market. Our marketing services focus primarily on results, helping clients establish their brand and expand their presence and customer base in the GCC market.
Our marketing services has proven experience in the pharma industry with a track record of successful launches and well-established brands. Providing marketing that drives results in terms of growing profits and competitive market share, our Marketing Division was able to make the connection between our customers and brands through various marketing activities to drive brand awareness, nurture relationships, increase conversations and develop speakers & advocacy.

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Developing Market-Specific Business Plans

Effective marketing plans are developed using a considered and well-informed marketing strategy.
A complete marketing plan helps a pharmaceutical brand define its brand strategy, positioning, brand naming, brand identity, product characteristics and pricing, outlining the distribution, sales and retention plans, marketing channels and campaigns. PharmaAccess helps pharmaceutical companies by developing market-specific marketing plans to ensure a successful launch of a new brand. We aspire to provide all our clients with the best possible business solutions.
Using PharmaAccess’s expertise and experience in the marketing industry, a pharmaceutical brand will:

  • Find new product opportunities with sufficient viability.
  • Clearly define a strong value proposition and target audience while developing a market access strategy.
  • Build a convincing and data-driven market access narrative.

Strategic Sales Forecasting

PharmaAccess understands that the value of a company is primarily based on its pipeline products that increase the company’s overall sales. Given the highly regulated sales and the technical, operational environment, it makes forecasting easier for a brand, providing it with the most realistic forecasts of the company’s future.
PharmaAccess helps a business understand the rate at which it is the growing, the current potential of its pharma product/service, and the areas of the business that need to improve to bring in more clients.

Market Research

Market research includes recording, gathering, and analyzing information about target customers, brands, markets and competitors. The data found through research dictates all future strategies and planning made by the company, such as launching new products and services, ensure the current product opportunities in the market are optimized, and all marketing, advertising, and communication plans are executed successfully.
The pharmaceutical companies are moving towards a patient-centric care model. However, the customer base today presents a myriad of consumer types ranging from doctors, hospital managers, pharmacists, and caregivers. A pharma brand needs to be mindful of all the customers who might use its products and services. PharmaAccess aims to identify these areas and conduct in-depth market research to make concrete marketing plans.

Product Launch and Benchmarking

The pharmaceutical industry focuses primarily on the KPIs – key performance indicators – surrounding the product launches. PharmaAccess’s launch benchmarking is designed to gauge the success of a brand’s product launch. It keeps a close eye on the investment levels, marketing and sales efforts, and the market acceptance criteria.

Advertising and Promotion and Samples Management

The advertising and promotion of pharmaceutical companies are highly complex nowadays. Not only does it need to collaborate between different areas of a business, but coordination must also happen across multiple regions and countries. In short, any pharmaceutical brand’s economic success depends on the level of marketing and advertising and its related decisions.
This is why PharmaAccess takes a holistic approach to advertise and promote pharmaceutical brands, covering all aspects of business promotion. We also design the right sample management strategies to help a brand raise its market awareness.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategies enabled a direct engagement with our prospects through value-driven evergreen content, state-of-the-art mobile applications and social media marketing; this trend presented a unique opportunity to communicate and receive valuable information and hold engaging conversations with our customers and partners while increasing brand exposure and cultivate meaningful relationships with consumers online.

PharmaAccess – Helping Pharmaceutical Brands Succeed!

PharmaAccess – Helping Pharmaceutical Brands Succeed!